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Hair Dye Allergies and Hair Loss: What to Know

Planning to dye your hair and thinking whether it would damage or cause hair dye allergies and hair Loss? Hair dyes are a combination of chemicals. Therefore, there is no denying that hair dye would damage the hair. However, whether it can cause hair loss or not would be a worth-debating topic.

Does hair dye cause hair loss?

Yes, hair dyes can cause hair loss. No matter how expensive the hair dye is or how few chemicals it contains, it still has the potential to trigger hair loss in both men and women. However, it only happens when we begin dyeing our hair more frequently. Dyeing hair once in a while might make the hair dry and brittle but would not contribute much to hair loss.

It is crucial to know that not all hair dyes are the same. Some weaken the hair and promote hair loss and few do not lead to such serious hair issues. Permanent hair dyes are more linked to hair loss as they contain more harsh chemicals. The semi-permanent hair dyes are usually not that harsh, they do not promote or speed up the hair loss process as the permanent ones do.

There is another type of hair dye(vegetable-based, henna, cellophane) that uses natural ingredients to coat the hair color. These hair dyes also contain some chemicals yet they are still the better option. It is because these hair dyes usually do not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide; the chemicals responsible for hair breakage. Moreover, they are alcohol-free as well. One can not consider these hair dyes the safest option, they also damage and contribute to hair loss. However, these natural hair dyes do not trigger hair loss as fast as the other ones do.

Whether it’s natural or all-chemical hair dye, the hair loss process is generally slow. These hair dyes take months and years of frequent use to show visible signs of breakage, hair loss, or thinning. It’s important to know that hair dye does not cause irreversible damage to the hair. The hair loss is temporary as the hair dyes do not restrict the hair-growing process. So when you stop using hair dyes, the hair becomes healthier and starts growing again.

Why do hair dyes cause hair loss?

Hair dyes are loaded with harsh chemicals. The exposure to the chemicals weakens and eventually makes the hair fall out. The four ingredients or chemicals in hair dye that are blamed for promoting hair loss like no other thing are ammonia, paraben, paraphenylenediamine, and hydrogen peroxide. How do ammonia, paraben, paraphenylenediamine, and hydrogen peroxide lead to hair loss?


Hair cuticles are the outermost part of the hair shaft. They are also called the protective layer of the hair as these cuticles protect the hair from damage. The chemical named ammonia loosens the outer protective layer(cuticles) for better penetration of color. The frequent exposure to this cuticle loosening and weakening chemical leaves them vulnerable to breakage and loss.

Hair Dye Allergies

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide pretty much damages the hair the same way as ammonia. Though it does not loosen the protective layer of the hair, however, exposure to hydrogen peroxide weakens it. The weakened hair becomes dry, frizzy, and highly susceptible to breakage, thinning, or hair loss.


Paraben is also one of the few dangerous chemicals found in hair dyes color. Paraben in the hair dye absorbs in the scalp and gives birth to several hair issues such as irritation and worse; hair loss.


Hydrogen peroxide and ammonia get the blame for causing hair loss. It is the least-known fact that paraphenylenediamine also contributes to hair loss. However, it does minimal damage as compared to the other chemicals that trigger hair loss.


Yes, hair dyes trigger hair loss. However, natural hair dyes do not contribute much to hair loss but they do damage the hair in some other way. Hair loss through hair dye is generally slow and reversible. The hair dyes are loaded with a lot of chemicals. Few of these chemicals happen to contribute to hair loss, thinning, breakage, and some other hair issues.

These chemicals are ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, paraben, and paraphenylenediamine. Paraphenylenediamine contributes less, however, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide are the two main ingredients that trigger hair loss like no other thing.

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