Beard transplant in chicago

Beard Transplant Cost in Chicago

Similar to hair transplants, beard transplants have grown in popularity in the last decade. Just as you can fill in the bald patches on your head, a beard transplant will restore facial hair to grow a full, dense beard. Bad genetics and hormonal issues often lead to patchy beards, thankfully, beard transplants will allow you to grow a perfectly shaped beard.

Looking beyond the eccentric art scenes, Chicago attracts a huge number of patients planning to have a hair or beard transplant. Beard transplant clinics in Chicago have performed countless successful beard transplant surgeries to provide a beard that lasts a lifetime.

How Much Does Beard Transplant Cost in Chicago?

Beard transplant can be pricier, however, the outcome is priceless. It is worth every dime to achieve the desired density and ultimate aesthetic shape. From the cost perspective, top-tier beard restoration in Chicago is definitely not cheaper since this city has the best hair transplant surgeons, therefore, the prices reflect their expertise.

In Chicago, the cost for full and partial procedures varies depending on individual needs.

  • Partial Procedure – A partial beard restoration procedure is performed to fill in patches and sparse areas or to hide scars. On average, a partial procedure will cost between $3000 to $7000. However, the exact price fluctuates depending on the number of grafts needed to fill in sparse areas to improve the overall appearance.
  • Full Procedure – As the name suggests, it is a complete beard restoration suitable for female to male transgender patients to deliver a sophisticated, rugged, and personalized masculine appearance. This procedure is expensive and requires the use of more grafts. Full beard hair transplant costs around $7000 to $15000.

There is no huge difference between the prices of hair and beard transplant, moreover, it depends on the number of grafts needed and how the person wants their beard to look. Depending on the beard density and size, a patient may need a full or partial beard transplant procedure.

Number of Grafts Required

As stated above, the cost of the beard restoration procedure is directly linked to the number of grafts needed. On average, it costs $4.50 per graft for a beard restoration procedure. Graft count is determined by the existing facial hair and the patient’s goals and expectations.

Assuming a patient needs a full beard transplant, it would be costly as it utilizes more grafts to fill in the full beard area. It requires 2000 to 3000 grafts to get a full beard, however, this count varies depending on the desired beard density.

In addition, if the patient already has facial hair and only wants to fill in patches and sparse areas, it would require approximately 200 to 1200 grafts or more depending on the existing facial hair. Since it requires fewer grafts, the procedure will not be as expensive as the full beard restoration.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Beard Transplant Procedure

Beard transplant is undoubtedly expensive, however, it is worth the expense since it delivers natural-looking, permanent results. The cost of surgery varies for each patient depending on the following factors

  • Number of Grafts – It requires 200 to 1000 grafts to fill in patch areas in sideburns, mustaches, and goatees or chin-style beards. Extensive surgeries for filling in a full beard and large areas may require 1500 to 2500 grafts. The overall cost creeps up If more grafts are utilized during the surgery.
  • Follow-Up Procedures – Especially for extensive and large-scale surgeries, it requires multiple follow-up sessions to provide the best results. Touch-up procedures following surgery add to the overall cost.
  • Type of Surgical Method – In addition to the number of grafts, the bread transplant surgery cost is dependent on what method is used to extract follicles. FUT (strip harvesting) and FUE procedures are performed to restore the beard. Both procedures follow different approaches to filling in the beard. Being a complicated surgical method, FUE is more expensive than FUT.


Simply search ‘beard transplant near me’ to get a list of clinics proving beard transplants nearby. People planning to travel to Chicago must contact different hair restoration centers to get a precise estimate of the procedure. Book a consultation with an experienced provider for an examination. Only after consultation, the exact cost of surgery will be determined.

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