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Best Affordable Hair Transplant In Turkey And China

Generally, patients seek affordable costs, expert surgeons, and clinics with international standards when choosing the best place to get a hair transplant. Hair Transplant in Turkey and China are emerging as major contenders for performing highly successful hair transplant surgeries.

Thousands of hair loss sufferers flock to Turkey and China to get quality hair transplant surgery at a much cheaper rate. Comparing and contrasting countries is common when deciding which one to choose. Turkey and China are greatly recommended for their affordable all-inclusive packages and high standard of expertise. Read on to know “Best Affordable Hair Transplant In China And Turkey”

Hair Transplant In Turkey Vs China

It is fairly difficult to determine which country is a leading player in the hair transplant industry. Medical tourism in Turkey received a major boost due to hundreds of thousands of people coming to get hair transplants at affordable prices.

On the contrary, not many people know much about hair restoration procedures in China. Soon enough, it is predicted that China will surpass other countries thanks to the use of state-of-the-art hair transplant technology and highly specialized technicians.

Prepare yourself for the Hair restoration in China vs Turkey showdown. Follow along to get clarity on which country to choose.

hair transplant in turkey vs china


China takes the lead here with its advanced hospitals run by highly-skilled medical teams. Facilities in China do not rely on traditional tools and techniques, instead, have the latest equipment. Only a few places in the world have upgraded technology and tools like the ones used in China. In contrast, most hair transplant clinics in Turkey have outdated technology and are still relying on conventional techniques. Only a few established hair transplant centers are using advanced technology to perform the surgery


China has highly-experienced surgeons with years of elite training in the latest surgical techniques. They have extensive experience and an in-depth understanding of manual and robotic hair transplant surgeries. Moreover, physicians, qualified and trained to carry out the procedure efficiently, are allowed to participate in the surgery.

Comparably, not all hair transplant surgeons in Turkey are trained to perform intricate hair transplant surgery. Back in the day, clinics were strictly supervised and only licensed surgeons were performing surgeries. Hundreds of clinics are established due to the increased volume of patients coming from across the globe. These facilities do not have the latest technology and are run by inexperienced technicians.


Besides the FUT and FUE, surgeons in China use manual and robotic surgical techniques like Microneedle hair transplant, Sapphire FUE, NeoGraft, and ARTAS robotic hair restoration. In addition, other procedures like PRP and microneedle are performed to stimulate the growth of hair follicles.

Only a few clinics in Turkey use modern techniques to yield desired results. Most centers perform FUT or FUE without considering the patient’s cosmetic goals.


China offers top-quality surgical hair restoration plans at affordable prices. Facilities in China charge fair rates despite the use of the latest technology and techniques. All-inclusive packages often include pick-and-drop services, post-op care, and medication.

In comparison, hair transplant in Turkey is cheaper than in China and many other countries. It is the primary reason why thousands of patients flock to Turkey to get hair transplants done. Many reputable clinics offer appealing packages that cover accommodation, sightseeing tours, special products, and pick-and-drop services.


In China, board-certified hair transplant surgeons do not overlook safety precautions. It is not treated as a simple skin procedure, instead, the medical staff provides the utmost care and attention to the patient.

Contrastingly, surgeons in Turkey with little surgical training forgo safety measures, risking the patient’s health and the success of the surgery.


China boasts a higher graft survival rate and the use of the latest techniques enhances the final results. Facilities in China excel at successfully transplanting all types of hair including afro hair.

Many reliable centers in Turkey have higher success rates. Statistics aside, Turkey has many unlicensed clinics run by inexperienced surgeons who can not perform delicate hair transplant surgery safely.

Hair Transplant in Turkey Vs China

Final Verdict

Turkey used to be the best place to get your prized hair back. Over time, the quality of the hair restoration treatment was affected due to a number of reasons. Mainly, the increased volume of patients and the surgery performed by unlicensed technicians are the cause of the decline in quality.

Right now, there are many unlicensed clinics in Turkey providing hair transplant services at a surprisingly low price. It should be noted that the price of the surgical treatment should not be the determining factor. Even if you want to go to Turkey for a hair transplant, do thorough research before choosing a clinic to save yourself from scammers.

Although many patients across the globe are unaware, China has the best hair transplant technology and surgeons than many western countries. It is gradually taking over the hair transplant industry with higher success rates and new techniques.

Lastly, it is advised to explore the hospitals in China to get hair transplant surgery done by the best in the field.

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