Pros and Cons of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Best Hair Transplant in Turkey: Pros, and Cons

Turkey has a good place for hair transplant surgery with hundreds of board-certified transplant surgeons spread across Istanbul and other cities of Turkey. Istanbul is one of the most advanced cities in terms of hair transplants, therefore, most people prefer to travel for the best hair transplant in Turkey.

It is a win-win situation for people traveling to Istanbul for surgery as they will get to visit the beautiful locations of Turkey and restore their natural hair appearance. Before booking your visa, international patients should know the pros and cons of hair transplants in Turkey.

Best Hair Transplant in Turkey

Pros and Cons of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Turkey has the most advanced clinics for hair transplants and every year, thousands of people travel to Turkey to get a hair transplant. There are some rumors of hair transplants going wrong due to under-qualified clinics in Turkey.

It is true that some bad hair transplant centers exist, however, it would be unfair to ignore the fact that Turkey has hundreds of the best-qualified hair transplant surgeons. It may confuse a person as to whether or not to travel to Turkey for a hair transplant.

Benefits of Hair Transplant in Turkey

More Innovative Methods Than Developing Countries

The chances of a successful hair transplant surgery are significantly higher thanks to advanced medical technology. Hair transplant surgeries performed in Turkey often surpass those in developing countries and other advanced economies.

Simple Process

The hair transplant procedure in Istanbul, Turkey is straightforward and nearly painless without any complicated aesthetic procedural practice. Before surgery, you will be given some form of local anesthesia to provide you relief from pain and sensation.

It would not lead to any major complications even if the skin grafting is being done on an area other than the scalp. Moreover, hair transplant surgeons use multiple techniques i.e FUI and FUE to simplify the procedure and maximize efficiency.

Affordable Hair Transplant

Considering the highest level of expertise and advanced techniques, it is not as expensive as one would expect. Comparably, Hair transplant in Turkey costs considerably less than the ones performed in Chicago USA.

Due to expensive procedural costs in the west, most people prefer to fly to Turkey for hair transplant surgeries. Furthermore, many clinics offer hard-to-turn-down packages to encourage patients to come to Turkey. Some of these appealing packages include tours and hotel stays.

Benefits of Hair Transplant

Vacation Factor

Turkey is popular for its vibrant culture, vast history, great tourist attractions, and beautiful beaches. The most alluring factor of having a hair transplant in Turkey is visiting the breathtaking historical sights and seaside resorts. As stated above, most Turkish clinics offer luxurious packages including sightseeing, luxury accommodation, and more.

Drawbacks of Hair Transplant in Turkey

Outdated Technology

Since hair transplant clinics in Turkey focus on cost-effective procedures, usually, the latest technology is not used for surgeries. Most clinics are not equipped with advanced hair restoration technology.

Rules and Regulation

Hair transplant clinics are not as strictly regulated as those in the United States. Hair transplant technicians in the US require medical training and licensing, only then they are eligible to perform a procedure.

Lack of Certified Staff 

Not all clinics in Istanbul, Turkey have board-certified surgeons to perform surgery. Incompetent staff in these centers do not have sufficient knowledge of health laws and medical requirements. In addition, they do not have the proper training or experience to perform this delicate yet complicated procedure successfully. Hair restoration centers are not supervised by health authorities, and often, the license and medical background of the technician are not checked

No Follow-Up Procedures

Once the patient has returned home and some hair transplant-related problem arises, it would be expensive to visit the technician for a follow-up procedure.

No First In-Person Consultation

Mostly, the first consultation before the surgery is performed through a virtual meeting by seeing the scalp images of the client. It would be difficult to assess the hair loss problems of the client through pictures.

Wrap Up

It is all about choosing the right clinic and licensed operator to increase your chances of getting a successful hair transplant surgery. There are plenty of scammers, therefore, make sure to choose a reputable, transparent clinic that has advanced hair restoration technology.

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