Celebrity Hair Transplants

10 of the Best Celebrity Hair Transplants

One thing is for sure, wealth and popularity can not save you from male-pattern baldness. 10 of the Best Celebrity Hair Transplants is a trending topic these days as many public figures have gone under the knife to improve their image and self-confidence. Some celebrities have confirmed their hair transplant speculations while others have kept it under wraps.

It is strange to see many actors and influencers sporting a full head of hair even in their 50s or beyond. Good genes are not always the reason for thicker, more beautiful hair. Many male celebrities have.

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There is so much shame attached to having a hair transplant or any cosmetic surgery for that matter. From soccer players, and influencers to Hollywood elites, more and more celebrities are openly admitting to surgical hairline enhancements.

It is becoming more mainstream, here are some famous hair transplants to show you how normal it has become in the last few years

Wayne Rooney’s Hair Transplant

Celebrity Hair Transplants

Wayne Rooney is most definitely not the only footballer to have undergone hair transplant surgery. However, he is one of the biggest names in football who have addressed his insecurities and hair loss openly.

With a single announcement tweet about undergoing a hair transplant, he normalized surgical hair restoration for thousands of men. Rooney was ridiculed for his hair loss and receding hairline by fans and teammates which may have given him the motivation to go under the knife.

The man himself confirmed the news of having a hair transplant in the summer of 2011. He underwent surgery at Harley Street Hair Clinic in London. In 2013, Rooney had another follow-up procedure to implant more hair.

Elton John’s Hair Transplant

Elton John’s Hair transplant

Like Rooney, Elton John has spoken publicly about the hair transformation journey. The singer-songwriter was completely bald by the age of 30 and the severe hair loss made him feel self-conscious, forcing him to wear toupees.

John opened up about the bad dye job that triggered severe hair loss and the ‘agonizing’ five-hour hair transplant surgery. Unlike many celebrities, his two failed hair transplant surgeries did not provide lasting results.

He said that drug use and wearing hats frequently may have led to the failure of hair restoration surgery. Nowadays, John wears a custom-made toupe made by highly skilled wig makers.

James Nesbitt Hair Transplant

James Nesbitt hair transplant

Refreshingly, the Cold Feet actor spoke honestly about his hair loss affecting his career prospects and the two hair transplant surgeries. Following two surgeries, he recorded a testimonial and inspired a generation of men. It is believed that Nesbitt underwent FUE, the latest, most efficient, and virtually undetectable method of hair transplant.

Jimmy Carr’s Hair Transplant

Jimmy Carr’s hair transplant

The stand-up star was completely upfront about his dramatic transformation after hair restoration surgery, a set of veneers, and a ‘bit of Botox’. Carr worried that he was beginning to look like a ‘snooker-playing vampire’ and booked himself an appointment at the hair transplant clinic during the lockdown.

In Jimmy Carr’s words, his uneven hairline was straightened after a ‘bit of redistribution’. It was so refreshing for many hair loss sufferers to see someone talking so normally about the hair transplant surgery.

Calum Best’s Hair Transplant

Calum Best’s hair transplant

The businessman and actor had a hair transplant in Turkey and discussed how he struggled with male pattern hair loss. Best had three hair transplant surgeries to achieve the desired results. It is common for many patients to have more than one hair transplant surgery to get the best outcome

Robbie Williams’s Hair Transplant

Robbie Williams’s hair transplant (1)

Like Elton John, Robbie Williams was not lucky with the hair transplant results. Williams revealed that he had multiple, failed hair transplant surgeries and turned to pricier follicle growth injections to prevent further hair loss.

After several failed attempts, the 48-year-old singer revealed that there is no other option but to ’embrace’ the hair loss.

John Cleese’s Hair Transplant

The Fawlty Towers star confirmed having a hair transplant at the age of 68, urging many older men to opt for surgical hair restoration. Because of his ‘strange-shaped skull’, Cleese did not like wearing hairpieces and underwent FUT surgery to restore flowy locks.

Louis Walsh’s Hair Transplant

Louis Walsh calls it ‘maintenance’ and confirms $30000 hair transplant surgery to look youthful. The former X-Factor said the pressure to look good on TV with younger co-stars influenced his decision to get a hair transplant.

Jamie Laing’s Hair Transplant

The Made in Chelsea star was not shy about sharing his hair transformation experience. He started losing hair at the age of 19 and had a hair transplant at 29. It is thought that Laing had a minimally invasive FUE surgery

Stuart Hogg’s Hair Transplant

Rugby ace Stuart Hogg went public about his hair transformation journey. His hair fell out after the first surgery because of bleaching the hair too soon. He followed the doctor’s instructions and took better care of the hair the second time around. Another Rugby star Jonathan Joseph also confirmed undergoing the treatment.

Celebrities Who Rumored to Have a Hair Transplant

That’s not the handful of celebrities who went under the knife and came clean about it. Many Hollywood elites and sports stars had hair transplants, however, never publicly confirmed. The dramatic changes in their hairline over the years have fueled the speculation of surgical enhancements.

These celebrities include John Travolta, David Beckham, Jamie Foxx, Jude Law, Lewis Hamilton, Floyd Mayweather, Steve Carell, and David Silva. In addition, many surgeons believe that Ben Affleck, Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson, Sean Penn, Jon Cryer, Tom Brady, and Chris Martin also went under the knife.

Key Takeaway

That’s just not it! Countless influential people from all around the world have undergone hair transplant surgery to restore flowy locks. Learning about the hair transformation journeys of your favorite celebrities would have given you enough confidence and assurance to pursue hair restoration surgery.

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